God spoke to my heart years ago to start a web site and share with the readers my experiences in my Christian journey of 40+ years, while

serving in his Kingdom. I was to share the insights that I have gleaned from my mentors and Godly pastors, as they spoke into my life and taught me the truth of God's Word. I was blessed to sit under the teaching of godly men and women who taught me how to love and serve the Lord Jesus, with my whole being, and to give back to the Body of Christ what I had been given. 

        In 2009 God started withdrawing me from leadership positions and told me that it was now time to mentor younger Christians and help them mature in Him. I said yes, and a whole new journey began. in 2010 he again asked if I would be willing to withdraw from all ministry and concentrate on writing for the Web site and to start writing my life story. it was a very difficult decision, as I was involved in many parts of ministry along with mentoring others, but I knew it was time. He said He would bless the writing and I would be able to minister to more people through the written word on the web site than I would ministering one-on-one. This was quickened to my heart by the Holy Spirit and again, I said, "Yes!" 

        God is a gracious Father and He knows the hearts and desires of his children, therefore, he is also allowing me to continue from time to time to counsel, teach, preach and mentor those he sends my way.  I continue to trust him to lead me and give direction for my life and I am excited to be starting on my book this next month.

        I wanted to share with you readers, what God is doing in my life and to encourage you to keep open to what he will speak to you and to be willing, to be willing, to step out and obey. He has wonderful, exciting plans for his children. Be a shinning light along your way and It will bring his belssing to all.  So, this is the how and why the web site came into being and my prayer is to continue to bless you, the readers, with what the Holy Spirit leads me to write and share.

If you have enjoyed this site, have a request, a comment, or if it has encouraged you, please let me know.

        I too, am encourged to keep on writing when I hear feed back from you dear readers. I would love to hear what pages  and stories that you have enjoyed reading, and I love to hear how God is blessing people in their lives.


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