Cancer Page

        This Cancer Page is dedicated first to those women who’ve experienced breast cancer. Then to those who have loved someone with cancer, met someone with cancer, saw a movie about cancer, read about cancer, worried about getting cancer or from other resources. In other words, this page is for you, as cancer touches the lives of nearly every human being throughout the earth.

         As a breast cancer survivor myself, I know the challenges and devastating, often alone, moments that touch the lives of those going through breast cancer. We face terrifying trials and tribulations. We endure unwelcomed pain and the uncertainty of death hovers on the horizon; out of sight, but never out of mind. Therefore, I believe most survivors would agree that keeping a positive attitude, having a good sense of humor and allowing laughter to be an active part of our lives, help to keep us in a better frame of mind and on the right road. Laughter truly is good medicine.

        Proverbs 17:22 NKJV – A merry heart does good, like medicine, but a broken [crushed] spirit dries the bones has always been my favorite scripture. As a pastor, counselor and now a cancer survivor, I’ve seen the positive truth of this scripture work wonders, even miracles when applied in the lives of the wounded.

         May your hearts be lifted, may you be encouraged and may you find God’s peace in knowing, as you read these stories, that you are not alone. We can knit our hearts together in the positive love of our heavenly Father for He truly holds our hand through the dark valley. We never walk alone.

         This statement written by Jan Dravecky says it all—One of the most powerful and effective tools in the cancer war chest is humor.

       Katie's stories share the different seasons in her life with her battle with Cancer. As of today, March 8, 2010, she will be six years Cancer free in Jully. God has walked each step with her; He is her Great Physican. Her hope, faith, trust and future rests in His capable hands.



03/08/10  SISTER WORDS


04/23/09  IN THE VALLEY OF CANCER - I am now 8 years free, and every day give God the glory!